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Warmer Weekend; Cold Again Monday; The Intern’s Super Bowl Forecast

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour) & Radar

Today – Early Morning sNOw Ending; Windy; Clearing This Afternoon – Afternoon High 44

9a 30 . 12p 38 . 3p 42 . 6p 36 . 9p 31


Around 11 AM, maybe sooner, we will finally get above freezing. If it happens at 11 AM, it’ll end of our streak of 97 consecutive hours below freezing.

It’s also windy. Clouds will start to move out around noon, and the sun will re-appear.

Sunday – Winter Heatwave & Wind – Morning Low 21 / Afternoon High 53

6a 23 . 9a 32 . 12p 46 . 3p 52 . 6p 44 . 9p 38

So glad this snow business is over! #StressedIntern

Winds will progressively get stronger throughout the day, reaching 15 – 20 mph by the afternoon. Expect gusts of 30 mph, then 25 mph, tonight.

Another arctic cold front (does anybody remember which number this one is?) arrives after midnight/Monday morning.

There is another very small chance of snow Sunday night. We are not going to do more that just mention this, because the ground will be so warm that any light snow that falls should melt on impact. Strong winds will help dry roads before.

Monday – Back To Reality  Morning Low 28 / Afternoon High 30

6a 29 . 9a 29 . 12p 30 . 3p 30 . 6p 23 . 9p 17

Cold temps with north winds of 15 – 20 mph , with gusts up to 30 mph, means another arctic blast.

Wind chills in the teens most of the day, dropping further after dark with temps in the single digits. After midnight, wind chills will be in the minus range:

Extended Official NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 7.08.05 AM

Super Bowl Forecast! 

Right now, we are expecting less than 2 inches of snow to fall on the Jets/Giants Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. The worst of that system — which is not looking terribly strong at the moment — is forecast to move north of the area. This forecast is likely to change several times. I’ll be watching (along with everyone else). Temps are not looking all that cold for New Jersey in early February.

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