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Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour) & Radar

At 10 AM this morning, our streak of 95 consecutive below-freezing hours ended.

TonightScattered Clouds – 9PM 31

Wind chills will be in the mid-20s tonight.

SundayPartly Sunny, Windy, & Mild – Morning Low 22, Afternoon High 56

6a 22 . 9a 32 . 12p 47 . 3p 54 . 6p 46 . 9p 39 . Monday 12a 35

A high of Fifty-Six!

Winds will be strongest by noon, coming from the southwest at 18.

If you believe . . .

. . . then stop reading here.

MondayAnother Arctic Blast – Morning Low 26, Afternoon High 27

Snow Early? During the wee hours of Monday morning, snow showers may creep across Middle Tennessee. However, most/all of it will be very, very light, and should pass well to our northeast. No accumulation expected, no reason to worry/party, but something we will be watching.

Sub-Freezing Temps. Temps will hang in mid/upper 20s most of the day. After sundown, the bottom will fall out:

3a 32 . 6a 28 . 9a 26 . 12p 27 . 3p 26 . 6p 19 . 9p 13

Cold Winds. Winds will turn from the southwest (Sunday) to the north (Monday). Sustained winds will be in the mid/upper teens, creating wind chills/feels like temps of 15 at 6 AM, 15 by Noon, 4 by 6 PM, and minus 8 at midnight.

TuesdayMostly Sunny, Totally Cold – Morning Low 3, Afternoon High 12

6a . 12p 10 . 6p 9 . Midnight 6

Wind chills/feels like temps will be in the minus teens (-10 to -15) in the morning. Wind chills won’t be as bad Tuesday night because the pressure gradient will relax (causing the winds to ease up); however, it’ll still be 9 as the sun goes down.

Chance of snow Tuesday:

Tuesday will be the coldest day of the week.

The below-freezing streak should run three and a half days, beginning early Monday, ending Thursday afternoon.

We’ll warm up to 42 Thursday and 47 Friday. Our next chance of rain is Friday.

This blog is a supplement to our Davidson & Williamson County weather stream, found on Twitter @NashSevereWx.

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