“Soup-er” Cold, Warmer Weekend

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour) & Radar

“Soup-er Cold.”

Because you’re gonna want to eat some “soup” to warm up!

(Editor’s Note: Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than The Intern’s soup joke. I would be a dead man had I made that pun during a guest appearance on the Andy Gibb Talk Show. For this I BLAME WINTER).

Wind chills tonight will be at or below 0°.

Days till Summer:


Friday – Cold Sun – Morning Low 3 / Afternoon High 25

Temps: 6a 5 . 9a 9 . 12p 17 . 3p 25 . 6p 24 . 9p 23

Wind Chills:  6a 5 . 9a 9 . 12p 6 . 3p 12 . 6p 14 . 9p 12


Fun Fact: Houston, Texas is under a Winter Storm Warning.

For us, no snow. Friday will be a bit warmer than Thursday.

(Editor’s Note: “warmer” LOL).

Saturday – Warmer, Winds Gust to 25 MPH  Morning Low 24 / Afternoon High 43

6a 24 . 9a 31 . 12p 37 . 3p 43 . 6p 35 . 9p 29

(Editor’s Note: “Kinda” is a technical term. Don’t look it up).

We’ll break 97 consecutive hours of sub-freezing temps around 10 AM.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids Saturday. Avoid direct sunlight. Take frequent breaks. Wear light, loose fitting clothing.

(Editor’s Note: 0 for 3 on jokes today. But, whatever).

Extended Official NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.36.52 PM

Another arctic blast returns at the beginning of next week.

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