Nice Monday, Then Much Colder

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Tonight  – Clear – 9PM: 39

Monday –  Warmer & Sunny  Morning Low 32 / Afternoon High 52

6a 33 . 9a 39 . 12p 47 . 3p 50 . 6p 43 . 9p 38

The pattern of the last week or so – a few decent days, then a no-worry-flurries cold front, followed by much colder temps – continues.

MLK Day will be one of the nicest days for a least a week. True to pattern, a cold front will arrive late Monday night, produce a few flurries, then slash temps for Tuesday.

Tuesday – Cold, Cloudy, & Windy  Morning Low 27 / Afternoon High 31

6a 28 . 9a 27 . 12p 29 . 3p 29 . 6p 24 . 9p 20

A few no-worry-flurries are possible in the morning.

Wind chills will be in the mid-teens all day long. Wind gusts to 25 mph will make this a good investment:

(Editor’s Note: Before construction, consult all applicable homeowners association rules and local zoning ordinances).

Extended Official NWS Forecast:

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