Accumulating Snow, then Brutal, Don’t-Go-Outside COLD!

Current Official Hourly Observation:

Today  – Sunny & Breezy  Afternoon High 46

9a 29 . 12p 40 . 3p 45 . 6p 42 . 9p 40

This is the calm before the storm.


Consider today your prep day:

Prep checklist:

  • Plan not to drive! 70% of deaths during a snow/ice events occur in automobiles.
  • Full tank of gas in the car. May seem counter intuitive since I’m telling you not to drive, but let’s be prepared.
  • Check your car battery or get it replaced, severe cold kills it. (I’m in Canada at the moment. First below zero day and our car battery died. Got it replaced and the guy told us they have changed over 400 car batteries because of this severe cold in just 1 day.)
  • Enough food through at least Wednesday, when temps will finally get above freezing. (Editor’s Note: @PanicCatfish may have already bought it all).
  • Extra water in case you have a busted pipe and loose water.
  • Disconnect your garden hoses. This helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Wrap any exposed outdoor pipes.
  • Plan to being the pets indoors for the next few days.
  • Keep extra medication around.
  • Check your fireplace and all heating equipment.

Roads will be snow covered by Sunday afternoon. Snow will not be melting the next day like it normally does, due to the severe cold behind the approaching cold front.

As for today, we will be fairly windy, 10 – 15 mph sustained wind with gusts up to 30 mph.

There could be some light rain or snow after midnight, but this is not what we are worried about.

Sunday – *Winter Weather Advisory* – Rain Changing to Snow, Then Dangerous Cold  Morning Low 35 / High 42

6a 41 . 9a 41 . 12p 39 . 3p 35 . 6p 29 . 9p 23

We will start the day above freezing. Our high temp will happen sometime around noon, then the bottom will fall out.

When the cold front arrives around noon, winds will change directions, coming out of the northwest at 20-25 mph, with gusts up to 35 mph! #BlowingSnow

Don’t plan to travel after noon. Attention preachers: NO LONG SERMONS.

*Winter Weather Advisory*

Goes into effect Sunday at noon and expires at midnight.

Sometime between noon and 4 PM, rain will quickly change over sleet, then snow. It will not take long for road conditions to rapidly deteriorate.

This will be a dry powder snow that skiers love, but snowmen-builders hate. Snow can really get whipped around by the strong winds. Visibilities will be very low at times.

Our NWS is expecting snow to arrive anywhere from noon to 4 pm:


If you absolutely don’t have a choice and you need to venture out:

  • Remove any snow or ice off the vehicle, even the top of your car. This will make you more visible to other drivers.
  • Let someone know when you leave, where you are going, the route you plan taking, and when you arrive.
  • Drive slow and use caution. You may be the best driver in the world, but everyone else may be terrible drivers.
  • When breaking on snow or ice, don’t just hit the breaks or you will slide. Pump the breaks repeatedly to come to a safe, controlled stop.
  • Keep blankets in your car.
  • Have food and water with you.
  • Have a fully charged cell phone.
  • And just don’t drive if there is no need to. #SafetyFirst

Hi-Res NAM model Sunday 7 am – Monday 12 am:

GFS Sunday 6 am – Monday 6 am:

How much of the white stuff are we expecting?

As of this morning, our NWS forecasts 2-3 inches of snow, with some possibly seeing 4 inches:


Hi-Res NAM snowfall totals through Monday 6 am: almost 2″:


Monday – Bitter Cold  Morning Low 3 / Afternoon High 8

6a 6 . 9a 5 . 12p 7 . 3p 8 . 6p 6 . 9p 5

There could be a few flurries in the morning. Blowing snow could be a problem.


The winds will cut you in half! 15 mph sustained with gusts of 25 mph! Do not be outside.

Don’t let the kids play in the snow — it will be too cold!!!!!!!! Can’t stress this enough! 

Wind chill values of -14 to -9 all day and night. Those are minus signs.

We are forecast to break the record minimum high of 10 degrees set back in 1884 for this day.

Extended Official NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 8.12.16 AM

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