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Snow? Nah.

Current Hourly Observation:

Tonight – Brine Watch

He’s freaking out.

We’re not getting emotional. We prefer to stay calm during this crisis.

Here’s what (we think) we know:

An arctic cold front arrives tonight, as shown here:

(1)  The HRRR (short range model) is totally dry through 6 AM. Rather than loop a whole lot of nothing, here’s the 6 AM image:

(2)  The other short-range model (RAP), sends in flurries around us, but those never make it here. Midnight to 8 AM:

We may see a flurry or two, but no accumulation is expected.

The brine is simply a wise precaution.

Monday – Colder; Chance of Flurries? –  Morning Low 29 / Afternoon High 38

6a 30 . 9a 32 . 12p 36 . 3p 37 . 6p 33 . 9p 30

Maybe a few scattered AM flurries. That’s all.

Mostly cloudy.

Look for 37 around kickoff, with a north wind of 4 mph dropping the wind chill to 34.

By the end of the game, temps will be around freezing, with a wind chill near 30.

Extended Official NWS Forecast:

Wednesday Night / Thursday Snow – Nah, Probably Just Rain

NWS: “If precip falls it would be mainly rain.”

Well then.

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