Raining Until Noon Tomorrow; Nerding Out Over Next Weekend’s Weather

Rain Tonight

9p 40 . Midnight 38

Light rain will increase, then give way to steady rain after midnight. HRRR 1 a.m. Saturday morning:

There’s a remote chance a few snowflakes could mix in. Do not freak out. Surface temps will be comfortably above freezing.

Saturday – Rain Clearing By Afternoon

Morning Low 35 / Afternoon High 47

6a 35 . 9a 39 . 12p 44 . 3p 46 . 6p 40 . 9p 36

Most of the rain will depart early Saturday morning (RAP model, 8 a.m.):

By noon, we should be clearing out, although a few showers remain possible through Saturday night.

Sunday – Thursday

Clear Skies & Typical December Temps (Lows in 30s, Highs Near 50).

This will be accompanied by a gradual warming trend. 60 is possible Friday afternoon. Yes, 60.

Wild Weather Next Weekend?

Behold, a cold front approacheth. The European Model shows way-above-normal temps being replaced by way-below-normal temps sometime next weekend. Temperature anomalies (that means departures from normal):

Seven days away, the accuracy of these models is poor (almost comically so), but the GFS also predicts pretty much the exact same thing. Agreement lends some credibility. Also, each time these models have been run the past few days, they’ve generally presented the same thing.

Still, it’s all eduguessspeculation.

The reason we’re watching this so closely is that these patterns can create storms and/or wintry precip. Here’s the GFS for Friday night midnight/Saturday morning:

Weather nerds love this, because you get to see the GFS spit out exciting specu-guess-timates like this (for Saturday morning, December 21):

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