Looking Ahead to Saturday Night

Update coming after 11 a.m. NWS Conference Call…


3am 29 . 6am 28 . 9am 31 . Noon 35 . 3pm 35 . 6pm 33 . 9pm 32 . Midnight 31

No rain in the morning or afternoon.

More rain arrives after dark tomorrow night, some time between 10 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday. During this time, we may see freezing rain. This may impact early Sunday morning travel. More details on this tomorrow.


3am 31 . 6am 30 . 9am 35 . Noon 40 . 3pm 41 . 6pm 39 . 9am 38. Midnight 37

As mentioned above, very early morning travel will probably be impacted by overnight freezing rain. However, by 9 a.m., temps are forecast to reach 36, and start the melting process. The afternoon high is in the low-40s.

However, rain should continue all day Sunday. There’s concern we may see minor flooding. We’re already at 4″ of rain, so this will be closely watched. Major flooding is not currently a concern.


Rain will continue Monday. Models disagree right now, but there’s an outside chance of Monday night snow, mostly along and east of I-65. More details on this in the coming days.

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