It May Snow Next Weekend

Sunday – Clouds, Maybe a Light Evening Sprinkler – Morning Low 33, Afternoon High 54

6am 34 . 9am 41 . Noon 50 . 3pm 53 . 6pm 49 . 9pm 46

Here’s your FutureCastSometimesWrong Radar (aka, the 4km Hi-Res NAM), Noon to 8 pm. Not much rain, if any:

Monday – More Clouds, Slight Rain Chance – Morning Low 33, Afternoon High 54

Next Weekend

We usually don’t post model data 7 days out, because it’s so far out in the future and is rarely meaningful. But @12SouthWintWarm has their beer festival next weekend, and I told them we’d have a look. And, then, our NWS started talking about it. So will we.

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN USING WEATHER MODELS: Models are tools, not forecasts. Models predict conditions 7 days away. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. For entertainment purposes only. Avoid contact with skin. Call before you dig. Contains phenylalanine. May induce vomiting. Do not use if pregnant. Fragile. Also, Italian. Your results may vary. Keep left. Not valid in all areas. Open other end. Proceed with extreme caution.

Check out the Possibly-Wrong-FutureCast Radar (GFS version) for Friday night:

Check out this explanatory gif from our local NWS office:

Officially, the NWS thinks there will be a “brief changeover to sleet and snow as early as Friday night. The winter potential seems rather harmless this far out, but the very pattern of a strong positive upper ridge axis over the Carribbean combined with a strong southward moving surface high does bear watching.”

Translation: it may snow next weekend.