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Serenity Now! “Straight Fridge.” “Wind Shield” Gaffe Advice

Too cold to go outside for a break from loved ones? 

Hope that helped. You are not alone.

(Editor’s Note: I do not feel this way about my visiting in-laws. They’re awesome! Really, I mean that, Ju-Ju!)

Tonight – Cold & Windy  Overnight Low 18

Today’s wind chill hovered in the upper teens/low 20s (it thinks it knows everything).

Ever wonder how we come up with “Wind Chill” or the “Feels Like” temperature? We have a chart! (Editor’s Note: I google it and use a calculator. Ironically, it’s The Intern who is old school).

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.22.58 PM

Bet you did not need a chart to tell you that it is “straight fridge” today!

(Editor’s Note: I had to put quotes around “straight fridge.” That’s one of those phrases I’ve never heard before, which I love, but am too old to say and be cool. Word!).

(Another Editor’s Note: if you thought it was “wind shield” factor, like this guy:

please don’t admit it. Just make a mental note and keep it secret. No one has to know. If you’ve said “wind shield” factor to loved ones, next time you have a chance to use the phrase, gradually make the shift. I recommend saying “windshfactor” really fast at first. Then, at your next opportunity, use “winshill.” Finally, “windchill” then “wind chill.” Your loved one will think: “he/she has been saying ‘wind chill’ all along! I misheard!”)

The winds will finally die down tonight, but if your freezer is crowded, you can leave your stuff outside.

Thanksgiving – Clear, Cold, But Warming Up – Morning Low 18, High 43

6am 19 . 9am 28 . Noon 39 . 3pm 42 . 6pm 35 . 9pm 31

Friday – Sunny – Morning Low 23, High 49

6am 24 . 9am 34 . Noon 45 . 3pm 47 . 6pm 40 . 9pm 36

Official NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.27.44 PM

Our next chance of rain arrives Sunday.

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