Next Few Days: Cold, Rain, Sleet, Snow, But No Accumulation Expected

Today – Plenty of Sun, but COLD  High 36

Temps (Wind Chills)

9am 28 (16) . Noon 34 (25) . 3pm 35 (28) . 6pm 31 (26) . 9pm 28 (22)

Winds will be strongest this morning and early afternoon, keeping those wind chills low.


Monday – Precip Chances Increase – Morning Low 23, High 43

6am 24 . 9am 31 . Noon 40 . 3pm 42 . 6pm 39 . 9pm 37

South winds arrive, which will

(1)  warm us up, and

(2)  transport clouds and moisture.

A northeast-moving rainmaker will move south of us. The northern edge of it may graze Middle Tennessee, mostly while we are above freezing.

So, right now we think this will be a rain event with some winter precipitation mixing in at times. No accumulation of anything expected.

The models illustrate this:



By the way, wondering about the difference between snow, sleet, and freezing rain? Rick Smith (@ounwcm) shared this helpful graphic:


Tuesday – Rain/Sleet/Snow? – Morning Low 33, High 41

6am 34 . 9am 36 . Noon 40 . 3pm 40 . 6pm 35 . 9pm 31

Another typical iffy chance of snow. Too much can go wrong to say anything with confidence. Chances appear very low right now, but for what little it’s worth, the European model has us down for under an inch of snow.

Official NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.24.00 AM

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