New Details on Sn-wflakes Tuesday: Don’t Panic!!!!

Today – Clouds & Sun, Light Rain Goes South – High 63

Noon 59 . 3pm 62 . 6pm 55 . 9pm 49

Sunday – Few Clouds – High 62

6am 43 . 9am 51 . Noon 59 . 3pm 61 . 6pm 52 . 9pm 46

Will feel a bit chilly with a north wind.

@brettkern6 should take note of the wind direction.*

*in the rare event of a Titans punt.

Veterans Day – Mostly Sunny – High 65

Chilly start; otherwise, a good day to parade.

Tuesday – sNOwpocalypse – Low 39 / High 43

Arriving Tuesday is a cold front, which will be toting cold Canadian air.

Showers may accompany the front. Temps 5,000 feet up will be -5 to -10 degrees Celsius, but we’ll be comfortably above freezing at the surface. Anything that falls as snow should melt by the time we see it. Still, a few flakes may benefit from evaporative cooling and reach the surface, although dry air behind the front will be zapping the precip. Any flakes won’t last long, and won’t stick.

Previous runs of the GFS predicted a chance of sn-w. The current run does not. It puts the sn-w in East Tennessee:

The ECMWF still suggests a few flakes in the air.

All that said, if you must mash a red button, mash this one:

The big change will be the wind and temps.

Sustained winds will be around 20 mph. Our NWS “would not be surprised to see wind advisory conditions [gusting to 30 mph] for much of Tuesday.”

Tuesday’s temps will be 20 degrees colder than Monday. Wednesday morning’s low is 27.

Gradual Mid-Week Warm Up

Cold temps won’t stay long. High temps will increase each day: Wed (44), Thu (51), Fri (56), then into the 60s for the weekend.

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