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Gorgeous Weekend; Titans Forecast; Next Week Sn-w Update

Tonight – Mostly Clear – Overnight Low 35

Grab a jacket, and maybe even a hat!

Saturday – Sunny   High 64

7a 37 . 10a 53 . 1p 62 . 4p 61 . 7p 54 . 10p 49

The southerly winds return. A good day to be outside.

Expect another cool evening, but not as chilly as Friday night.

Sunday – Clear & Cool – Morning Low 42, Afternoon High 62

7a 44 . 10a 54 . 1p 61 . 4p 59 . 7p 50 . 10p 44

The winds will shift back out of the north. Expect Sunday to be cooler than Saturday.


The Titans will kickoff under sunny skies, 59 degrees, with winds from the north at 8 mph.

Next Week: Rain or Sn-w? 

When we mention “sn-w” and suggest there is no reason to panic, many of you panic anyway. That’s OK. It’s who we are.

Here’s what we think:

1.  A chance of Rain/Sn-w is forecast “at some point between late Monday and early  Tuesday evening.” Officially, for Nashville, the best chance is Tuesday afternoon.

2.  Even the “it’s gonna sn*w” weather models think nothing will accumulate.

The Intern thinks “the worst of it will be a few flakes falling, and if the storm system studies hard and becomes a huge overachiever, maybe we will see a dusting of snow on grassy elevated surfaces <— that’s a HUGE STRETCH.” Do not bet candy bars on this happening.

The NWS: “any precipitation that falls will probably only amount to a few hundredths of an inch … [surface] temps should remain sufficiently mild (no lower than the middle to upper 30s) to melt any sn-wflakes that might reach the ground.”

3.  Let’s Review the Weather Models!

Earlier runs of the ECMWF predicted snow, but that’s no longer the case. It may reappear in future model runs.

The Canadian model (eh?) predicts only rain for us Tuesday 12 am – Wednesday 12 am:

The GFS (American) model says “meh? maybe” snow flurries Tuesday morning:

Tuesday 12 am – Wednesday 12 am:

4.  Expect no school cancelations, no interruptions to your daily routine, and most of all: don’t rush the grocery stores.*

5.  It will be very cold Wednesday morning. Our NWS calls for a “dense Canadian air mass” which should “roar southward at a pretty good clip.”

Behold GFS model temps in the 20s Wednesday at 6 am:


*statement not approved by our Wheat/Dairy Conglomerate overlords.

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