The Weekend: Fall’s Back. Also, Fall Back

Tonight – Chance of Sprinkles – Overnight Low 46

After a spring-like week, fall’s back! Expect a crisp night for area high school football games, with only a very slight chance of an overnight passing sprinkle. Don’t worry. It won’t rain anything out.

Saturday – Clear  High 62

7a 47 . 10a 54 . 1p 60 . 4p 61 . 7p 54 . 10p 46

A little chilly in the morning, and you’re probably going to need a light jacket all day. Would be a nice day to wash your car.


[Editor’s Note: The Intern washed Will’s Jeep 71 times during his 5 month hazing. It’s on his mind.]

It’ll be a little breezy. If you have a soccer/football game, you should consider the wind direction before you send your captain(s) to midfield for the coin toss.


Do what this graphic says, please: Wake up at 2 a.m., reset every clock in your place, including the microwave and stove, and don’t forget your car clocks. You’re doing it wrong if you don’t. Or, FREE PRO TIP: do it before you go to bed.

Sunday – Mostly Sunny – Morning Low 37, Afternoon High 58

7a 39 . 10a 47 . 1p 55 . 4p 57 . 7p 52 . 10p 46

We all get an extra hour of sleep! One of my favorite times of the year!

Another clear, beautiful, Autumn day in Nashville!

Next Rainmaker: Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning.