Very Cold Overnight + More Chilly Temps Next Week

Frost Advisory Sunday Morning 3 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Cold, dry air is pouring into Middle Tennessee:

Here’s the text of the Frost Advisory from our NWS:

“Although the coverage of frost is expected to be mainly restricted to low lying and sheltered areas . . . tender vegetation that is left uncovered in those locations could be damaged or killed . . . as temperatures early Sunday morning will fall into the middle 30s.”

Forecast minimum temperatures from the HRRR agree. Yes, you’re reading this right, it says 36 degrees at 6 a.m.

Some of those pink colors depict temperatures near/at freezing. NWS also thinks fog may develop, some of it locally dense.

Officially, the overnight low in Nashville is 37. Williamson County’s official forecast low is 36. From there, we’ll warm up nicely:

7 a.m. 39   10 a.m. 52   1 p.m. 63   4 p.m. 66   7 p.m. 59   10 p.m. 50

It will not rain Sunday.

Monday – Partly Cloudy – 40/72

7 a.m. 42   10 a.m. 56   1 p.m. 68   4 p.m. 70   7 p.m. 63   10 p.m. 54

Rest of the Week

We will make it to 65 on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we’ll get “another reinforcing blast of chilly Autumn air” (NWS), sending morning lows into the 30s, with highs in the upper 50s Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We may see more frost advisories this week.

The only chance of rain is Wednesday (when the front passes), but there shouldn’t be much to it. Otherwise, we expect to be dry this week.