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Just Say No To Weekend Rain + Next Storm System

Today – Mostly Sunny, Light Breeze – High 83

1 p.m. 79 ` 4 p.m. 82 ` 7 p.m. 76 ` 10 p.m. 68

This morning, we dealt with fog, which mixed out everywhere around around 9 a.m., if not before.

Those watching the radar this morning may have noticed a line of slow-moving, east-bound thunderstorms in Little Rock, moving in our direction:

Will those storms make it here tonight?

I’m happy to!

Our NWS says no, it won’t rain. If you want a technical discussion why, click this.

The HRRR also says no. By 8 p.m. tonight, all that’s left of it will be a few showers in west Tennessee:

The RAP is a little defiant, and brings a thin line of showers across the Tennessee River — but not all the way to us — by midnight (see below). So, it’s also saying no.

Even the Hi-Res NAM completely dissolves the rain before it gets here. Here it is at 2 a.m. Sunday morning:

If you have any questions . . .

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Sunday – Beautiful – High 83

7 a.m. 61 ` 10 a.m. 71 ` 1 p.m. 80 ` 4 p.m. 82 ` 7 p.m. 76 ` 10 p.m. 67

Partly sunny, with a nice 9 mph afternoon breeze from the north. No rain in the forecast.

Next Rainmaker — Wednesday Night

Even though the weather models disagree on the timing of a cold front which will swing into middle Tennessee sometime during the mid-week, the best thinking is that it’ll arrive Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Not currently worried about severe weather, but it may storm.

We think nice fall weather will replace the rain/storms in time for next weekend.

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