Warming Up a Bit; Weekend Update; #WeatherBandNames Winners

The Intern’s Favorite #WeatherBandNames

Honorable Mentions


Twister Sister @joievann

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Polygon @Titleist

3rd Place

Dew-Whoopers @alexhayes

2nd Place

The Haboobs* @RyanMaue (check out his site weatherbell.com)


Miley Cirrus @matternst34

Congratulations. There is no prize, but feel free to put this on your resume.

*I can’t believe this didn’t win. BTW, this a haboob:

Tonight – Clear & Cool 

Expect 67 at 7pm, 59 by 10 pm.

Wednesday – Clear – High 78

7a 52 . 10a 65 . 1p 75 . 4p 77 . 7p 71 . 10p 63

Scattered clouds, and bit warmer than Tuesday.

Thursday –  Warmer & Sunny – High 80

7a 56 . 10a 68 . 1p 77 . 4p 79 . 7p 73 . 10p 64

We’re forecast to reach 80 by mid-afternoon. Only a few clouds around, but not as crisp and dry as it has been.

Weekend Update – Unseasonably Warm

Highs in the low to mid 80s. Dry weather is expected all day Friday and Saturday. There’s a very small chance of a few showers Sunday night.