Weekend Forecast (Wet Sunday?)

Tonight – Mostly Clear – High 82

It’s been another beautiful day across Williamson and Davidson Counties. Tonight’s weather will be awesome.

Saturday – Fog Early, Then Sunny & Beautiful – High 83

7a 63 . 10a 73 . 1p 80 . 4p 82 . 7p 77 . 10p 69

If fog has been a problem for you over the past couple of mornings, expect it to continue for Saturday morning also. It’ll be gone at or before 9 a.m.

The rest of Saturday will be nice for yard work, tailgating, or whatever.

The 6:30 Vandy kick-off temp will be 78, with winds out of the south around 5 mph.


Sunday – Cloudy, Then Light Rain – High 79

7a 63 . 10a 71 . 1p 77 . 4p 78 . 7p 74 . 10p 69

Yesterday we wrote about Sunday’s potential rainmaker: an approaching cold front + an associated low pressure system too far north to pull in a lot of rainmaking moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico. That forecast remains the same today. The low is still going way north, but we think there will enough moisture transport to

Bottom Line:

1.  It’ll be cloudy.

2.  The models think it will rain, but not enough to ruin your day.

GFS model Sunday 7 AM – Sunday 10 PM:

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Notice how the rain falls apart right as it gets into Middle TN. Not sure I would cancel any outdoor plans, but you’ll need to be ready for sprinkles/light rain, mostly likely in the afternoon.

We’ll update this forecast Saturday morning & Sunday morning.