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Here’s A Bad Analogy About the Rain Late Tonight & Tomorrow Morning

Tonight – Rain – High 81

NOTICE: The following nerdy weather analogy is not The Intern’s fault. He goes to concerts and attends football games. He’s cool. He would never do what I’m about to do here:

There has been a battle in the atmosphere today. (Boxing fans: this was a Flyweight bout).

In one corner, the Champ — South winds, transporting rain-making Gulf of Mexico moisture into Middle TN.

In the other corner, the Challenger — Dry air leftover from yesterday.

Dry air won most of the day. A few showers tried to sneak in from Mississippi, but the dry air quickly gobbled them up.

We think the Champ will prevail tonight, as a saturated layer will arrive in Middle TN while we’re sleeping. This will just be rain – no thunderstorms, no severe weather, and no flooding.

HRRR model Tuesday 4 PM – Wednesday 1 AM:

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Wednesday – AM Rain – High 80

7a 67 . 10a 71 . 1p 77 . 4p 79 . 7p 73 . 10p 68

Overnight rain may linger through the morning. We may even see more showers in the afternoon. No sun expected.

Thursday – Clearing – High 82

7a 64 . 10a 72 . 1p 79 . 4p 82 . 7p 76 . 10p 70

The clouds will be gone. Temps will rebound, with a touch of humidity.

Weekend Update

Friday and Saturday look rain-free, with high temps 84 and 85, respectively. A chance of rain arrives Sunday night.

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