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Rain/Storms Ending Tonight: Cold Front Delivers Gorgeous Next 3 Days

Tonight – Thunderstorms Ending 

The cold front is beginning it’s approach, firing off storms. Some may be strong as they move through. Watch out for street and stream flooding.

Here’s the HRRR model playing things out Thursday 4 PM – Friday 12 AM:

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Friday – First Taste of Fall – High 77

7a 67 . 10a 72 . 1p 76 . 4p 77 . 7p 71 . 10p 61

Behold the cold front! Temps will settle in the upper 70s thanks to all this wonderful cool air blowing in.

Check out how the Hi-Res NAM model portrays the sweeping away of the humidity, Friday 5 AM between 1 PM:

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Remember this is just a measure of the moisture in the air (not the actual air temperature). Enjoy!

Saturday – Even More Like Fall – High 76

7a 53 . 10a 65 . 1p 73 . 4p 75 . 7p 71 . 10p 63

We start the day in the low 50s. Grab your jacket if you’re going to head out early. Those who get chilly easily may want a jacket all day with the winds coming from the north at about 10 mph.

Sunday – Sunshine and Warmer – High 84

Things moderate back to average, consistent with mid-September. Dew points will be very low, with no chance of rain. Such weekends are rare. Enjoy them.

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