Hot, Dry, Less Humidity Next Several Days (Plus a “Summer-y”)


[Editor’s Note: Get it? Summary of the Summer?  Summer-y! I came up with this. Don’t blame The Intern].

Meteorological Summer is officially over. It was a wet, cool summer. The stats for June through August:

Temps:  0.50 to 1 degree below average.

Rainfall:  2.12″ above average. This excludes the flash flood event last month, where those north of downtown saw 7″ in a few hours. The official weather recording station is at the airport, which missed out on the flash flood.

Tonight – Clear – High 87

Welcome to meteorological Fall (September-November), y’all. As with most September cold fronts (one passed through last night), you don’t immediately feel the cool, dry air. Dew points have been dropping, and will only continue to fall through the evening.

Not too far away:

Wednesday – Comfortable – High 85

7a 65 . 10a 75 . 1p 82 . 4p 85 . 7p 80 . 10p 70.

About 10 degrees cooler than what we were dealing with last week. With dew points only forecast to be in the mid 50s, the sweltering humidity will become a memory. No more of this guy:

Thursday – Sunny – High 87

7a 63 . 10a 76 . 1p 84 . 4p 86 . 7p 82 . 10p 71.

Still very nice outside. It’ll be hot, but not so humid.

Rest of the Week & Into the Weekend

Temps will creep into the 90s by Saturday. Humidity will increase a little each day, but will be nothing like it was last week. Rain isn’t in the forecast until next Tuesday.