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Scattered Storms, Hot/Humid Thru Labor Day…Then Heat Relief

Sunday & Monday

Overview. A series of shortwaves (rain/storms) will be diving NW to SE Sunday & Monday. Monday night, a cold-front will sweep the rain and humidity.

Temps. Monday should be a bit cooler than Sunday. Outside the pockets of rain/storm activity, temps will be in the mid 90s Sunday, and low 90s Monday. The heat index will be dancing around the mid to upper 90s Sunday, and in the low 90s Monday.

Rain/Storms. No washout either day, but we may see a few drive-by showers or storms. “At most, we expect mainly strong storms with isolated severe storms. The freezing level remains much too high for large hail at the surface, so strong downbursts (winds), lightning, and heavy rainfall remain the primary threats for these storms.” (NWS, Saturday Afternoon Forecast Discussion, 8/31/13).

We don’t know exactly when/where these storms will develop, but they are more likely afternoon, especially during the peak daytime heating hours.

Tuesday & Beyond

After the cold front clears us out Monday night, it’ll be cooler (highs in the mid 80s) and drier. Rain looks unlikely until at least Saturday.

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