The Heat Is On; Complete Vanderbilt/Ole Miss Forecast

Tonight – Clear – High 91

Y’all, I just about melted today! It was too HOT for recording stadium construction for my advanced TV production class, which required walking around campus all day. I was in Canada earlier this Summer and was really spoiled with the “Summer weather” or … I mean … umm … Fall weather. Thanks, “Death Ridge.”

(Editor’s Note: it’s fair to say the previous paragraph, brought to you by The Intern, could have been written by a diva).

Hope you’re keeping cool and avoiding long hours outside in the sun. No chance of rain tonight.

Thursday – Sunny; Heat Index Up To 98 – High 93

7a 73 . 10a 83 . 1p 92 . 4p 93 . 7p 89 . 10p 81.

The “Death Ridge” will still have us tightly in its grasp. Hot, humid, and sunny. Although we can’t completely rule out an afternoon shower, we don’t think it’ll rain.

Kick Off at 8:15 p.m. is a hardship for young football fans facing school Friday morning, but it’ll be nice for those going to the game. 87 is the expected kick-off temp, with a few dissipating clouds. The heat index is forecast to be in the low 90s at the start of the game, decreasing thereafter. GO DORES!!

No weather problems expected on your way home from the game (or turning off your T.V.).

Friday – Random Afternoon Thunderstorms Possible; Heat Index Up To 100 – High 94

7a 73 . 10a 86 . 1p 92 . 4p 94 . 7p 88 . 10p 81.

The hottest day of the week also brings us our best chance of rain for the week. The “Death Ridge” will begin to slide to the west, loosening its grip.

A few afternoon thunderstorms will be possible without the Death Ridge there to suppress them. Most of us will probably just stay hot and sunny. But, no one know where the thunderstorms will pop up.

The rest of the weekend will be like Friday, with the heat being knocked down a bit. Each day will bring slight (mostly afternoon) rain chances.