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The “Death Ridge” of Heat; Vandy/Ole Miss Forecast

(Editor’s Note – It is unclear whether The Intern’s references to the “Death Ridge” should come with a warning to pregnant women, bubble-boys, and children. So, proceed at your own risk).

Tonight – Clear – High 89

Behold, below, the “Death Ridge” [cue music] of high pressure which ensnares us.  The Death Ridge deflects weather systems. No low pressure system is going to get close to or otherwise push this thing out of the way until it decides it wants to leave.

death ridge

Blame the Death Ridge for the heat.

Wednesday – Sunny – High 93

7a 72 . 10a 85 . 1p 92 . 4p 93 . 7p 88 . 10p 80.

No chance of rain. It won’t be too humid, so the “feels like” temp will only hit 94 or so.

Thursday – Mostly Sunny; Heat Index Up To 100 – High 94

7a 74 . 10a 85 . 1p 94 . 4p 94 . 7p 89 . 10p 81.

The hottest day of the week.

The “Death Ridge” will move away a bit, allowing a very slight chance of an afternoon/evening thunderstorm.

Dress for hot weather for the Vanderbilt vs Ole Miss game. It’ll be 88 at kickoff, with the heat index in the 90s. The temp will fall into the low 80s by the end of the game. Rain is possible, but unlikely. Go Dores!!

(Editor’s Note: The Intern is from Oxford. He is toe-ing the company line with the “Go Dores” line. This earned him a reprieve from re-roofing Will’s house.)

Friday & The Weekend – High 94 Each Day, Small Chance of Afternoon Showers/Storms

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