Building Heat & Humidity. Friday Will Be Miserable.

I’m departing from our usual format because the weather is not going to change much. Here’s what you need to know:

1.     We will bake this week.  High temperatures: tomorrow (91), Wednesday (92), Thursday (93), Friday (93), and the weekend (94 each day).

Those to our west will bake more than we will. Check out the heat Friday according to the GFS model:


2.     Rain is not expected.  Behold the following probabilities of precipitation: tomorrow (0%), Wednesday (0%), Thursday (20%), Friday – Sunday (10%).

3.     Humidity will increase.  Our dewpoints (low 60s) have been manageable today and will be manageable tomorrow. Wednesday, the dewpoints will hop into the mid 60s. By Thursday, it’ll be in the upper 60s, and by Friday, the dewpoint should hit 70. Add to that a high temp of 93, and the heat Friday will be oppressive. High school football teams should stock up on Gatorade and be prepared to evaluate players for signs of heat exhaustion.