Thunderstorms Possible Friday; Hot But Clear Weekend

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One of the reasons America is Great is because we can weather these storms. Together.)

Tonight – Mostly Clear for Live On The Green!

For the first time in 11 days, we hit 90!

For tonight, the models are keeping things mostly quiet. It’s unlikely we will see a sprinkle or shower.

Friday – Thunderstorms Possible – High 91

7a 73 . 10a 82 . 1p 88 . 4p 91 . 7p 86 . 10p 78

There still is a chance for fog to develop in the morning, especially in low lying areas.

The rest of the forecast is a bit tricky.

A weak cold front is expected to pass by Friday early afternoon. The front would be the focal point for thunderstorm development, except that dry, more stable air is expected to move in right behind the front.

If we pump in enough humidity and daytime heating before the front arrives with its drier, more stable air, we could see some decent thunderstorms. If not, those storms will develop further south, keeping us hot and dry. Our NWS has posted a 40% chance of thunderstorms.

This is the Hi-Res NAM model’s take on things Friday 9 AM – 6 PM. Remember, use models for guidance, not Gospel.

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Saturday – Sunshine – High 91

7a 72 . 10a 82 . 1p 89 . 4p 91 . 7p 86 . 10p 77.

Heat and (but not oppressive) humidity! The sun will be shining and the temps will be high. This may be the hottest day of what has been an unseasonably cool month. No rain is expected. Sunday looks a lot like Saturday.

You may see this forecast again, possibly through the early part of next week, maybe even longer.