So Nice, You’ll Joyfully Poke Yourself In The Eye & Not Care

Tonight – Pretty Good – High 87

The sprinkles felt today marked the arrival of the cold front (a gift from Canada, eh), and the end of Humidity-pocalypse (or, as the The Weather Channel may call it: WetDisneyFishRomangodThor).

Only a few clouds expected, so if you missed the meteor shower last night, it’ll still be happening tonight. If you look up, you may see something cool.

(Editor’s Note: I’ll be sleeping).

Wednesday – AWESOMENESS* – High 80

7a 63 . 10a 72 . 1p 78 . 4p 80 . 7p 76 . 10p 66

*What happens when The Intern names things.

The tropical air mass has returned where it belongs (the tropics). Sunny, clear skies, humidity off, cooler temps, and a gentle north breeze. It’ll be so nice, you won’t mind that you’ve poked yourself in the eye.

Thursday – Still Pretty Great – High 83

7a 59 . 10a 72 . 1p 80 . 4p 82 . 7p 79 . 10p 70

Cold fronts don’t survive long in August. Thursday will be a little warmer with a bit more humidity, but still very nice. No rain. I’m relieved: I’ll be doing some moving. Outdoor events (Live On The Green) will be awesome.