Humid, Wet, & Stormy Mon-Tue, then Welcome Relief


A few more showers are possible, but rain chances will decrease after dark. However, plenty of storm-juice to feed on will remain overnight. Lightning, heavy rain likely inside the few “rogue” storms which do develop.

Monday – Showers, Thunderstorms Likely – High 87, Very Humid

7a 73 . 10a 80 . 1p 85 . 4p 87 . 7p 84 . 10p 78

Humidity remains very high, providing plenty of thunderstorm juice. A short wave (upper level disturbance) will swing by later Monday and set off showers and thunderstorms. These will be most likely in the late afternoon / early evening.

Tuesday – More Showers & Thunderstorms Likely – High 87

Almost a carbon copy of Monday, except instead of a short wave coming by, we will see a stronger frontal system approach to set off the rain/storm activity. This will probably the wetter/stormier of the two days.

Severe storms can’t be ruled out, but no widespread severe weather is expected.

Rainfall Totals Through Wednesday night estimated to be well over 2″:


Wednesday Thru Friday – Humidity Relief

The front will move south of us, allowing dry weather, cooler temps, and lower dew points to filter in. The high Wed-Fri is only 84, and dew points will be 5 (Wed), then 10 (Thu-Fri) degrees lower than what we’ve been experiencing the past several days.