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Humid, Stormy, & Uncertain Next Few Days. We Hate August.

Tonight – Thunderstorms? – High 79

I have never seen short range weather models this scattered and inconsistent with each other.

David did a 2:03 video about tonight’s weather, concluding it’s OK to go out: 

Our NWS forecasts rain/thunderstorms sometime after midnight. We are obligated to tell you the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has a 5% chance of damaging winds (58 mph+) occurring within 25 miles of you.

Thursday – Some Strong Storms Possible – High 87

7am 74 . 10am 82 . 1pm 86 . 4pm 88 . 7pm 85 . 10pm 80

The uncertainty continues. Some weather models are suggesting rain/storms in the morning.  Other weather models predict the afternoon. Some think it will storm all day. I’m feeling a little helpless as a meteorologist right now. The timing of thing is all over the place. It will probably similar to the past few days, with the rain switching on and off.

The SPC puts us under a 5% chance of severe weather happening within 25 miles of you Thursday:

The big question is: what about Live on the Green? WHAT ABOUT THE TITANS GAME?  Yeah, we don’t know.  Our NWS thinks rain is more likely in the afternoon than at night, but we can’t say anyone will be in the clear.  Plan for rain.  We can, however, guarantee humidity.

We will update you early tomorrow, when the short-range models come into range. We will have a much better idea then.

Friday – Scattered Strong Thunderstorms Possible – High 90

7am 75 . 10am 84 . 1pm 88 . 4pm 90 . 7pm 87 . 10pm 80

The humid, stormy pattern will continue.

SPC gives us that familiar 5% chance of severe weather happening within 25 miles of you:

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