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Humid, Wet, & Stormy Weekend (but not a washout)

Saturday morning looks OK rain-wise, but Saturday night and Sunday look wet. Below, we review the entire weekend, model-by-model.

(Note: these are weather models, subject to error and revision. As we always say, use them for guidance, not Gospel. Also, read more than one).

Hi-Res NAM

Rain-free Saturday morning and early afternoon. The Hi-Res NAM predicts a few showers around 4 p.m. Saturday:

Storms drop south from the Ohio River and arrive here overnight. Hi-Res NAM Sunday 1 a.m.:

Off and On storms Sunday, plus a line of storms forming near the Mississippi River later Sunday night. Hi-Res NAM 7 p.m. Sunday:

GFS (American) Model

The GFS keeps us dry most of Saturday, but by 7 p.m., rain/storms arrive:

Sunday looks mostly wet, most of the day. Here’s the GFS at 1 p.m. Sunday:

The European model (we can tell you about it, but aren’t allowed to display the data) keeps us mostly dry all day Saturday. Sunday looks pretty wet.

The Weather Prediction Center forecasts:

0.10″ of rain Saturday night:

about 0.30″ Sunday morning:

and around 0.25″ Sunday afternoon:

Our NWS forecasts high temps in the upper 80s/low 90s. High humidities will keep heat indices in the mid-to-upper 90s.

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