Hot, Humid, Isolated & Random Thunderstorms Possible

Rest of Today – Isolated Showers Possible – High 90

There is a very small chance of an isolated shower this afternoon through sundown. Don’t expect anything. THe HRRR model scatters showers just about everywhere except here. This is Monday 4 PM:

The Hi-Res NAM (below) puts a thunderstorm just passing to the northeast of us at 9 PM this evening, but there is no real reason to think that will actually happen. I’d put my money on the HRRR keeping us clear tonight.

Tuesday – Hotter – High 94

7a 75 . 10a 84 . 1p 91 . 4p 94 . 7p 88 . 10p 80

High pressure will limit shower/thunderstorm activity. Any storm that can break through the storm-preventing cap may become strong if not severe. The chance of this is pretty low, but remain weather aware (as always!).

It will be hotter, more humid, and not a day you want to be outside for a long time.

Wednesday –  HOT, Humid, Random Thunderstorm – High 95

7a 75 . 10a 87 . 1p 94 . 4p 95 . 7p 89 . 10p 81

Just might be the hottest day of the week.  With dew points in the upper 60s and low 70s, you may decide it’s crazy humid. Heat indices could be in the 100+ range.

Every year, someone inadvertently leaves a pet or kid in the back seat of a hot car. Don’t let that be you!  Remember to check your back seat.

Editor’s Note:  Wish you were at the beach, but you’re stuck here? This should make you feel better. Saw it on twitter today:

NPRrussell Russell Lewis
By request, another image of the 7-foot hammerhead at Seagrove Beach, Florida. @spann @jimwxgator