Nice Saturday. Crazy Ivan Sunday.

Today – Sunny – High 85

It’s been a pretty awesome weather day as we all recover from Sharknado: dew points in the 50s, with temperatures only reaching the low to mid-80s. Feels like college football weather is on it’s way (it’s not).

Saturday – Sunny, Pop-Up Afternoon Showers – High 85

7a 65 . 10a 77 . 1p 83 . 4p 85 . 7p 82 . 10p 75

There won’t be a huge difference from Friday, other than slightly higher dew points.  There will be just enough heat/humidity to allow for the chance of pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon. Don’t alter any outdoor plans. Just keep the chance of rain in mind.

Sunday – Warmer, Chance of Afternoon Thunderstorms – High 89

7a 70 . 10a 81 . 1p 87 . 4p 89 . 7p 86 . 10p 79

Sunday, watch out for this guy:

As dew points rise, so will our rain chances. Any thunderstorms will be moving the “wrong” direction, from <–east–to–west. We call these Crazy Ivan storms. (Yeah, that’s a Hunt for Red October reference).

GFS model (American Model) predicts Crazy Ivans. Watch those commie showers move in from Sunday 1 AM – Monday 1 AM:

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Several other models agree.

College football, submarines, war movies. Has this post been too-male-centered for you?  Here you go ladies, America’s hero, Jack Ryan (with some feminine sounding language at the bottom)!