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Sharknado! And Your (Mostly Perfect) Weekend Forecast

First things first. SHARNADO!

Those of you following on Twitter know I’ve been way too excited for “Sharknado,” airing tonight at 8 p.m. on Syfy. I love terrible tornado movies (which means I love all tornado movies).

The premise: a tornado sucks sharks out of the ocean and deposits them over Southern California. It stars Steve Sanders from 90210 (that’s another post entirely), Tara Reid (5 years before she’ll be on Dancing With The Stars), and actors you’ve seen in stuff before but can’t quite remember where.

According to the below trailer, this movie pays very little attention to meteorology, contains one-liners respectfully referencing previous terrible tornado movies, and has chainsaws:

If you watched this trailer and thought: “that’s so stupid,” then you understand, and we can be friends.


The rain will depart after rush hour. Winds will turn out of the north, and start the cool-down process. Good night for a run, Sounds game, Backyard Bible Club, or whatever else you need to do before Sharknado comes on.

Friday – Mostly Sunny – High 85

7a 68 . 10a 78 . 1p 83 . 4p 85 . 7p 81 . 10p 73

It’ll be awesome. Dew points in the 50s = a lot less humid. Most extreme part of Friday will be winds from the northeast up to 13 mph. Best day of the week to be outside.

Saturday – Sunny, Bit Warmer – High 88

7a 66 . 10a 79 . 1p 86 . 4p 87 . 7p 84 . 10p 76

Just like Friday, but a little better for swimming. Bit more humidity.

Sunday – Warmer, Chance of Random Showers – High 91

Humidity, and chance of a random shower or thunderstorm, returns.


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