Storms Likely Tomorrow

Today –  Pop-Up Thunderstorms Possible – High 93

There could be a few random blips of rain in the area today.  Most of the action is well to the east, near Cookeville. We may see a few showers try to sneak in from the northwest later on, but the HRRR isn’t a believer on them getting here.

HRRR model Tuesday 3 PM – 7 PM:

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Wednesday –  Thunderstorms Possible – High 91

7 am 74 . 10 am 84 . 1 pm 89 . 4 pm 91 . 7 pm 88 . 10 pm 81

Some lingering weak showers could be in the area as we begin the day.

A cold front approaching from the northwest in the afternoon/evening should bring thunderstorms, some of which could be strong. We may even see two rounds of storms.

The Hi-Res NAM model predicts a massive complex of storms. Here it is Wednesday 1 PM – Wednesday 10 PM:

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SPC puts us just outside the Slight (think “elevated”) risk area for severe storms  tomorrow. There is a 5% probability of severe weather within 25 miles of you. This forecast may change later tonight or tomorrow.  The main threat with these storms will be damaging winds and lightning.

Thursday –  Cooler, But Still Humid – High 87

7 am 75 . 10 am 82 . 1 pm 86 . 4 pm 87 . 7 pm 83 . 10 pm 75

The cold front may set off more showers in the morning. After it passes, it’ll still be hot and humid, just not as bad as Wednesday.