Rainy & Cooler Weather Continues: Wet Fourth?

Rest of Monday – High 84; Scattered Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms have been weaving in and out of the area all afternoon, thanks to a meandering low pressure system that will be hanging around the next few days. Even though most of the storm activity is to our east, there still could be some storms well after sunset. We may also see some patchy fog late tonight.

Tuesday – Pop-Up Showers/Thunderstorms Possible, High 83 (7 am 65 . 10 am 76 . 1 pm 81 . 4 pm 82 .  7 pm 80 . 10 pm 72). 

Any fog that develops in the early morning hours will quickly burn off once the sun rises. Temps will be almost 10 degrees below average. We could still see some showers in the late afternoon/early evening.

Wednesday – Pop-Up Thunderstorms Possible, High 84 (7 am 66 . 10 am 77 . 1 pm 82 . 4 pm 84; 7 pm 81; 10 pm 72). 

Mostly cloudy. Temps will remain below average. Rain chances remain in the forecast from the same low pressure system giving us cooler temps and rain/shower chances.

Independence Day – Scattered Thunderstorms, High 84 (7 am 65 . 10 am 78 . 1 pm 83 . 4 pm 85 . 7 pm 82 . 10 pm 75).

An important day for us all, and a tough forecast to go with it!

Right now it’s looking like a nice morning with temps in the mid-60s.

Our NWS posts a 50% chance for afternoon thunderstorms under mostly cloudy skies.  Those clouds will keep our temps down. Weather models agree there will be showers and storms moving through Middle Tennessee – the question is where.  Rain looks more likely east of us, but we may still see a few showers/storms.

There may be storms in the area for fireworks shows, but those should be weakening with the loss of daytime heating.

Check back for updates as we fine tune the forecast.

Despite decent rain chances in the forecast every day this week, flooding is NOT going to be a concern. WPC (Weather Prediction Center) has us under 1″ of rain from Monday 7 AM – Friday 1 AM. Some of us could definitely see higher isolated amounts if you are selected to receive a thunderstorm: