Random Pop-Up Storms; The Intern Breaks Out Some Latin

First Day Of Summer – High 87

Break out the sunblock, sunglasses, cold refreshments, pool time, beach time, and best of all — summer vacation (if you’re lucky enough to have one)!

Tonight: expect lows in the 70s, and a slight chance of rain.  There are two boundaries that could set off a few more pop up thunderstorms this afternoon near Nashville.

KOHX Nashville, TN - GRLevel3 (2013-06-21 16.42.36)

Here is how the HRRR model plays tonight out Friday 3 PM – Friday 8 PM:

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I’m sounding like a broken record with these updates, but the weather pattern/forecast is just not changing.

Since it’s the official First Day of Summer (the summer solstice – the longest day of the year): anyone know where the word “solstice” comes from?

It is derived from the Latin word “sol” meaning “sun” and “sistere” meaning to stand still.  Literally, summer solstice means “summer sun stand still.”

Saturday – High 91; Slight Chance For Pop Up Thunderstorms

The first full day of summer will feel like it! Morning low of 66, warming quickly once the sun comes up. More random pop up thunderstorms in the forecast. NWS thinks there could be some strong/severe ones *somewhere* which should not last long at all.

Sunday – High 90; Slight Chance For Pop Up Thunderstorms

Same forecast from Saturday for Sunday. It will be hot and humid. Have an awesome weekend.