Friday Just Like Thursday: Random Pop-Up Storms Possible

Today – High 86; Scattered Thunderstorms

There is always a positive side to every situation – the pop up thunderstorm that moved through the area really cooled things off for many of us. Much more pleasant out there if you’re feeling those cooler temps from that thunderstorm.

Friday – High 90; Isolated Thunderstorms

The first day of Summer! The weather will be delivering what we imagine Summer in Nashville to be; hot, humid, and a chance for pop up thunderstorms. Evening temps will fall into the low 70s.

Hi-Res NAM model Friday 8 AM – Friday 5 PM:

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Saturday – High 89; Isolated Thunderstorms

The day should be just like the last few – nothing really changing with your pop-up storm forecast. This weather pattern is staying the same: no changes till further notice.