Rinse & Repeat Weather; The Intern Answers Follower Question


(Editor’s Note: It’s been a while, so I edited in a haiku)

Dew points have been drop

ping throughout the day, Ahhhh a

little less humid.

No thunderstorms developed here this afternoon. Some boiled over in the Memphis area and in southern middle Tennessee. Tonight will be just fine, with lows in the 60s.

Thursday – High 90; Isolated Chance of Thunderstorms

Wake up to 67. Very slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. 90 will be the high over the next few days. Get used to this forecast.

Friday – High 90; Isolated Chance For Thunderstorms

Nothing really changes from Thursday to Friday – copy/paste the same forecast. Hot, humid, maybe an isolated afternoon/early evening thunderstorm.

At 12:04 AM, it will be officially be Summer. Friday will also be the longest day of the year.

The Intern Tackles a Follower Question

To @Tinninches who asked: “@NashSevereWx i once used a glass bowl to make Mac n cheese. Can @vanillaice #intern guess what happened & give #weather #science example.”

Here is my guess: I’m gonna assume it was on the stove and not in a microwave. Therefore your glass bowl did not fare too well, and mac ‘n’ cheese was no longer for dinner.

Here goes a simple #weather #science example: A warm, humid air mass (the stove burner) met the cold dry air mass (the bowl).  When these two air masses collide, the event can be cataclysmic. Airmass collisions can cause record breaking snow storms and major severe weather events.

(Editor’s Note: We made The Intern run laps for this answer. Management would have preferred an anecdote about a tornado hitting a cheese factory. Something like that.)

(Editor’s Note: @vanillaice did not reply. There was a problem. He did not solve it).