Rain & Storms Tonight/Tuesday Morning

Tonight – High 86, Rain & Thunderstorms

Once these thunderstorms move out, there’s a small chance we could see the a gorgeous sunset and a break from the rain; however, this is unlikely. Satellite at 3:40 p.m.:

Tonight it’s “definitely” going to rain. NWS gives us a 100% chance for thunderstorms, which we don’t see often.

Here is what the HRRR model thinks the radar will look like between Monday 5 PM and Tuesday 2 AM (one frame an hour):

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Hi-Res NAM model from Monday 5 PM to Tuesday 2 AM (one frame an hour):

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Tuesday – High 84, Wet Morning, Then Clearing 

We could still see more showers/thunderstorms before 1 PM. Our NWS has posted a 60% chance of rain/storms.  We will clear out once this weak cold front passes, leaving us a much nicer afternoon/evening. Enjoy those cool northeast winds.

Wednesday – High 87, Wonderful Day

Winds will still be coming generally out of the north, making for another gorgeous day. It’ll be a bit humid with dew points in the 60s, but it’ll still be a nice day to do some yard work or enjoy friends and family. Wednesday evening is still looking great, with lows in the upper 60s.