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Cooler Temps!!

Today – High 84, Sunny

Pleasant morning ahead: 63, gradually warming to 83. Does not get much better than this in mid-June. The cherry on top is a slight breeze we’ll have all day. As The Intern, I’ll be allowed 25 minutes to drink sweet tea by the pool. Then I have to wax Will’s Jeep again.

Saturday – High 91, Sunny

One final cool morning at 63, then back to average, as things will be warming up to 90. Winds will turn 180 degrees (from out of the north to out of the south), bringing higher dew points, and feeling like a Nashville summer. No rain. Things cool off decently into the upper 60s overnight.

Sunday – High 90, Slight Chances for Rain

Summer is back! The cold front will retract all the way back to Canada (sigh). Pop up afternoon showers and thunderstorms return to the picture.  Go get popsicles now and get them in the freezer, so they’ll all be nice and cold before Sunday.

Rain chances increase overnight into Monday courtesy of a weak system making it’s way across the region.

Here is what the GFS model thinks Sunday 7 AM – Monday 7 AM:

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