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Aside From Rain Thursday, Expect a Beautiful CMA Music Festival


Has been awesome, partly cloudy skies, warm, low humidity, and just a slight breeze.  Tonight will be just as nice with temps in the low 70s under partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday – High 87 – Rain Chances Return

Expect partly cloudy skies, or perhaps a few showers and thunderstorms (the weather models disagree).  Our NWS forecasts a “slight” chance of rain in the morning. Expect temps in the 60s, which will not be quite as chilly as we saw this morning.

The Hi-Res NAM model likes our morning rain chances. Here it is from tonight at 11 PM through Wednesday 8 AM (one frame an hour):

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Grab your rain gear just so you’re ready for whatever happens.

Our NWS has posted a 30% for thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. We will warm up quickly — 87 is the forecast high. We may not make it to 87 if we see showers in the morning.

The evening and overnight hours present us with our greatest chance for showers and thunderstorms. NWS has posted a 60% chance for thunderstorms (nothing severe).

Hi-Res NAM Model Wednesday 6 PM – Thursday 7 AM :

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Thursday – High 84 – Rain Chances Increase (CMA Music Festival Begins)

All the weather models think it’ll rain Thursday. You may want to plan ahead try to leave a few minutes early for work, because these thunderstorms could still be around from the night before. Downtown commuters should be prepared for street closures. Our NWS has posted a 70% chance for thunderstorms during the day.  Overnight (into Friday morning), expect a 50% chance for thunderstorms.

Here is the GFS model (American model) from Thursday 1 AM – Friday 1 AM:

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Canadian model Thursday 1 AM – Friday 1 AM, eh?

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The models agree that there will be rain showers and thunderstorms Thursday. The models are disagreeing when exactly the rain will end, and how much rain we will receive.

Friday – High 84

Still could be a wet morning. It will all depend on the speed of Thursday’s rainmaker. Our NWS forecasts a 40% chance of showers Friday. The models and NWS agree the rain should depart, leaving us partly cloudy skies, before the afternoon rush hour.  If your plans include the CMA Music Festival, the weather should be cooperating by the afternoon.

The Weekend

Should be quite nice. Great news for the CMS Music Festival.

Saturday – Mostly Sunny, 83/61.

Sunday – Sunny, 85/66.

Check back in for the latest updates.

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