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Looking Good Tomorrow, Rain Chances Memorial Day


An Air Quality Alert remains in effect until midnight tonight. The general public won’t be affected, but if you’re a child, elderly, or have asthma or other respiratory issues, the NWS suggests limited prolonged outdoor exertion.

Officially, we bottomed out at 49 at the airport this morning. One more cool night is in store with temps falling into the low 60s after the sun sets. Tomorrow morning won’t be as cold: we’ll get down to 54.


Once the sun comes up, things will begin to heat up quickly with 82 the forecast high. Clouds also increasing in the afternoon and evening ahead of the slight chance of rain (20%) for the evening/overnight hours.

If you’re planning an afternoon outdoor event (like a pig roast, protest against the designated hitter, or boomerang competition), you should feel pretty good about the weather. The models predicting rain hold it off until the Sunday evening/overnight/Monday morning wee hours. We’ll check the models again in the morning to help with your planning.

Memorial Day

Kicking off summer with those BBQ’s will be perfect! High of 85, dew points on the rise, and pop up afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Sounds like summer.

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) keeps us dry over the next 5 days (see below), but the NWS is still holding onto that 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms for Memorial Day.

The GFS model suggests light showers may arrive in and around the area between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Another model (the WRF) thinks it will rain Memorial Day morning.

Bottom Line

We may or may not see rain Memorial Day. Any rain we see may be a blessing in disguise. It would cool things off for us like summer time thunderstorms do. They don’t last long, and when they’re over, temps fall back into the 70s.  Severe weather is unlikely.

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