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This Can’t Be Right: An Almost-Perfect Weekend

The Intern is back from storm chasing, and offers this forecast:


It’s been a pleasant day with temps only reaching the low 70s and plenty of sun. Since those clouds are not around, we will be cooling off quickly once the sun goes down.


Tomorrow morning we’ll be down to 48 (brrrrr), which is only a few degrees shy of the record low of 44 for May 25.

An Air Quality Alert is effective all day Saturday. The general public won’t be affected, but if you’re a child, elderly, or have asthma or other respiratory issues, the NWS suggests limited prolonged outdoor exertion.

NWS - Google Chrome (2013-05-24 16.02.27)

Going to be warming up fairly quickly to a high of 78, with clear skies. I don’t think we could ask for better weather! Still going to be another chilly evening once the sun sets. Temps will drop off into the 50s with a forecast low of 52.


Back to average (maybe even slightly above average) temps with a high of 82 and mostly sunny skies.

Just gorgeous weather!  Very slight rain chances may try to build in Sunday evening, but don’t expect anything other than the humidity to be on the rise.

Memorial Day

This will be our best shot at any rain the entire holiday weekend.  Only a 30% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms.  85 is the expected high. With humidity on the rise, those cookouts will be a great kick off to summer. It will sure start to feel like it!

Keep checking in for updates as things fine tune themselves as we get closer to Memorial Day. We will be closely watching all rain chances.

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