Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend

This Afternoon & Tonight

A cool front will arrive from the Ohio River. The models disagree if rain will come along.

The HRRR predicts a few light, scattered showers this afternoon:

The RAP does not:

At 12:50 p.m., a few very light showers appeared along the Ohio River, crossing into Kentucky. Our rain chances are pretty low, and if we get a shower, it likely will not ruin tonight’s outdoor activities.

Memorial Day Weekend

Prepare for a few chilly mornings, especially Friday and Saturday. A “modified continental polar air mass” arrives tonight. We will wake up to 52 Friday morning and 46 Saturday morning. Behold the approach of cooler air:

Weekend high temps: Friday 71, Saturday 76, Sunday 80, Memorial Day 83.

Even better, our NWS keeps us dry all weekend. A chance of rain creeps into Monday night’s forecast, but that’s mostly for those to our northeast.