Rain Chances Return + (uh-oh) Another Wet Saturday?

Thursday – 62/82

All four weather models (GFS, NAM, Euro, WRF) scatter light rain through middle TN during the afternoon and evening hours. These will be hit/miss showers – meaning we may or may not get wet. The odds of us getting wet are around 1 in 3. There may also be a few thunderstorms, but severe weather is not expected.

While awaiting any hit and miss showers, relax to John Barry 7 + 4:


Friday – 62/81

The models scatter more showers and thunderstorms into middle TN than Thursday, but these are still of the hit/miss variety. Our NWS is talking about a “short wave” swinging by, which will be a potential focal point for rain/storms. Along with the usual risk of afternoon showers, we may even see rain in the morning.

Friday 7am to 1pm:

Still, it’s a hit-or-miss weather day. No one is good enough to say exactly where or when the rain will develop. Our NWS forecasts a 2 in 5 chance of rain in Davidson or Williamson County, but the rain is not expected to ruin your outdoor plans.

Saturday – 63/84 & Sunday – 66/85

Humidity and temps will increase, which will increase our rain chances. Some of the models love our rain chances Saturday morning, others are a little “meh” about them.

NOAA’s weather prediction center loves the prospect of rain for the day Saturday:

Rain is certainly possible anytime Saturday, especially during the peak heating late afternoon/early evening hours.

Rainfall chances subside a bit Sunday, but they are still there, along with a chance of thunderstorms.

Severe weather is not expected, although we might see lightning and a few gusty winds with a few storms.