It’s a Dry Heat; Rain Chances Thursday-Friday

Today we’ll top out around 84°, rain free, with very little humidity. Be careful, though, the sun can still burn you. The winds are picking up, but are comfortably under advisory criteria.

Wednesday – 59/87


Just like today, only a little warmer.  Clouds will start filing in after dark.

Thursday – 60/82

Clouds arrive. Humidity will rise a little, and with the introduction of more moisture in the air, our NWS has given us a low – but nevertheless real – chance of rain.

The GFS, European, WRF, and NAM weather models vary wildly on rainfall coverage Thursday. The GFS spreads in some light hit/miss showers, the European barely drops a trace of rain anywhere in middle TN, and the NAM predicts very little in middle TN.  The WRF gives us good off/on rain chances all day.

It will probably rain somewhere in middle TN off and on Thursday, but no one knows exactly when or exactly where.  Not even these guys:


Our NWS put our chance of rain at 1 in 3.  Any rain is unlikely to rain out any outdoor activities.  Best chance of rain will be during the heat of the day.

Friday 61/84

The pattern bringing rain chances Thursday continues into Friday.