Tough it Out or Head to California

They say when it rains, it pours, and that is exactly what we have in the forecast. Rainy day after rainy day.


Rain chances increase, starting this afternoon.

The Hi-Res NAM has spotty showers as early as today. Here it is Thursday 4 PM:

The American-GFS is picking up on the same thing for those spotty showers this afternoon and evening.

This is only a preview of what is to come! We hope any showers that develop today will be very hit and miss in nature, but the HRRR is suggesting we ALL get wet late this afternoon.


As usual, the models disagree. The American-GFS model has the real rain starting at 1 PM Friday.

The NAM model has the bulk of the rain at 7 PM Friday:

The Euro Model also has the rain starting at 7 PM Friday.


Saturday is looking like the wettest of the next 72 hours, with Nashville being the bulls eye on Saturday with 1.65″ of rain:

Expect rain all day. We hope the Euro model is right, and we clear out the bulk of the rain by 10 PM Saturday:



Here are the total rainfall amounts over the next 72 hours. With all this rain some the rivers in the area will need watching. The NWS has issued a hydrologic outlook:


Sunday may be our only hope for an end to the heavy rain showers. Remember, if the road is covered with water “Turn Around Don’t Drown.”

Insult to Injury — Colder Temps

Low temps this weekend will be in the 40s, highs 60 (Saturday) and 63 (Sunday). This will have you checking the calendar and hiding under warm covers.