Not Again! Rain Threatening Our Weekend

After a dry and warm week, rain threatens to return this weekend.

A chance of rain is in Thursday’s forecast, but the better chances are Friday and Saturday. Looks like a very slow rain system.

The Hi-Res NAM delivers showers Friday. Here it is Friday night at 7pm:

The American-GFS Model agrees. At 7am Saturday, rain is still falling (this model keeps it raining most of the day).

The European model agrees with a slow moving light to moderate rain event Friday and Saturday. Here it is Saturday at 1pm:

The slow movement threatens to deposit 1″ to 2″ of rain over a 48 hour period.

The possibility of locally heavy downpours may prompt flooding concerns.  The NWS is watching this very carefully.

A few thunderstorms are possible; however, this should primarily be a rain event.