River Levels (going down), End-of-Week Rain Chances

Just finished the NWS week-ahead briefing. Here’s what’s up:

Flooding Concerns

Rainfall totals over the weekend:

No river or creek in Davidson or Williamson County is expected to rise further. Here are three (actually, four) examples to put your mind at ease.

1.  The Cumberland River rose quickly this weekend, but will not approach flood stage. It’ll level off today, then fall quickly Tuesday and Wednesday:

2.  Harpeth River

(a)  at Franklin:

(b)  at Bellevue:

3.  Mill Creek at Antioch (site of flooding this weekend) also way down from flood stage:

This Week’s Weather

Dry and increasingly warm weather is expected today through Wednesday.

Rain chances increase a bit Wednesday, then increase Thursday and Friday.

The Thursday-Friday rainmaker is a screwy system the models are not handling well:

If these amounts verify, we would not have flood concerns. NWS is closely watching these rainmakers given the recent rains.

Showers linger into the weekend, however, “there is a lot of uncertainty” with this system. Weekend temps will be a little bit cooler with scattered showers.

Next week

Our average weekly rainfall for the first week of May is around 1.5″. The forecast is for slightly above average precipitation.