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5 Models Agree: Rain Saturday (& A Little More Rain Sunday)

Rain is very likely Saturday. The heaviest rain is forecast to fall Saturday morning, during the Country Music Marathon.  Here are the models:

European: Rain arrives Friday night and lasts through Saturday morning. By 7 a.m., the rain is along and south of I-40 (see below).

A soaking rain arrives by 1 p.m. Saturday. By Saturday night, it’s a light rain, which continues off and on until Sunday around dusk.

GFS:  Light rain arrives in the early Saturday morning hours. By 7 a.m. (see below), light rain continues to fall, while the heavier rain sits to our west.

Light rain of the off/on variety continues all day Saturday. The heaviest rain Saturday will be just to our south and could wander across I-40, but for now the GFS keeps it out of our area. A lighter rain event is expected Sunday, with off and on showers finally departing Sunday night.

WRF: Rain approaches early Saturday morning. It’s raining at 7 a.m. (see below).

Light rain continues off and on through Saturday. This model nudges the heavier rain south of us. The WRF model does not extend into Sunday.

Hi-Res NAM: This model sends in rain-out quantities of precip overnight Friday into Saturday morning. By 7 a.m., it hits us with another round (see below).

By Saturday night, it forms yet another (third) heavy rain swath across both counties.  Like the WRF, it does not extend into Sunday.

SREF: Like the other models, this one — at 10 a.m. — dumps just under a half-inch of rain on us:

NWS-Nashville:  Rain is “likely” all day Saturday. Over 1/2″ is expected from 7pm Friday through 7pm Saturday.  For Sunday, a “chance” of rain is indicated, but you can expect some off/on light rain.

Look for more details tomorrow and at @NashSevereWx.

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